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With the many bus companies in New York, it would be rather hard to pick the right one for you and for your group. We won't deny it, there will be a few companies that will meet your expectations and your travel needs.


Provided that we all have different requirements when traveling as a group, there are still those things that we can all agree on regarding what our New York bus rental company should and shouldn't be.


These are among the things that any good bus company in New York should never give you:


1. Dirty bus.

This should always be on top of the list. No matter how much you are paying for a charter bus service, there will never be an excuse for giving you a dirty vehicle. Bus companies in New York should always clean their fleet of buses before deploying them. A company that does not put a premium on cleanliness and good hygiene should never be considered reliable and credible.


2. Late driver and late bus.

Having a charter bus that arrives late and beyond the appointed time defeats the purpose of renting from an NYC bus rental company in the first place. Remember that one of the top reasons why you are availing of a charter bus service is for your group to get to your destination on time. If the company cannot even give you this one benefit and the driver provided for your group cannot be professional enough to come on time, then there's no reason to expect any professional behavior from him and from the company at all.


3. Hidden charges.

Your New York bus rental company should never charge you any amount that was never agreed on previously. All charges should be pursuant to your contract or agreement. Anything outside of that contract or agreement is no longer a legitimate payable.


4. Rude driver.

Your driver represents your NYC bus rental company. Any rudeness or any bad behavior on his part should reflect badly on the company.  Because this means that the company was careless in hiring its drivers and didn't ensure that every single employee is professional and has good manners.


5. Broken amenities or features.

If you have talked to your New York bus rental company about certain amenities or bus features that you need – like toilet or music player – and you end up getting ones that do not work, this means that you are shortchanged. Your bus company didn't do its job of checking the amenities or features first and of making sure they are serviceable.


6. Wrong vehicle

If you have agreed on a particular kind of bus or vehicle and you are given something else, then you have every right to complain. Especially if you have taken the time to check out the company's fleet beforehand and to inspect the bus or the vehicle you're supposed to have.


7. Bad customer service.

This one is rather general and should already be a given. But we just have to include this on our list. Any good New York bus company should give you excellent service from the moment you call for inquiries to the moment you say goodbye after the trip. And always keep in mind that good customer service doesn't end as soon as the booking has been finalized. The company should be happy to assist you in everything that pertains to the bus. The agent should answer your questions with a smile and address any concern with an unmistakable willingness.



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