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Organizing a trip for kids can be quite challenging. While you can come up with an itinerary and arrange for transportation with a New York bus company quite easily, it is the question on how to keep the children safe that poses a problem.


Here are a few tips on how you can make sure the kids are alright while touring New York in a bus charter:


1. Be on time. Tell the kids to get to the meeting place on time, or several minutes early if possible. If they arrive early, that means you have enough time to facilitate orderly boarding. You can make sure each kid is seated properly and comfortably. Kids who are prone to using the toilet can get the aisle seats, while kids who have the tendency to get carsick can have the window seats. You also have enough time to do a headcount, and even enough time to check if they are bringing the things they ought to be bringing.


By doing this, you can also make sure that nobody is late and nobody's going to be found running to catch the charter bus.


2. Fall in line. Always ask the kids to fall in line when boarding the bus and when getting off. This way, the children can get on and off the bus one at a time and in a very orderly fashion. This helps you supervise them easily and, most importantly, helps avoid accidents. No bumping, no stepping on each other's feet, no attempts at getting ahead of the others. And if you need to cross the street, ask the kids to hold hands and walk in single file.


3. Remain seated. Ask your New York bus company about seatbelts. If there's none, then make it clear with the children how they should stay on their seats while the bus is moving and until you give the go signal for them to stand up when you've arrived at your destination. No standing up if not necessary, no walking around, and definitely no running in the aisle.


safety first


Having a children's tour in New York on a bus charter is difficult, especially when it comes to the issue of safety. Children, unlike adults, are not too conscious about this, so it is important that we guide them, set ground rules, and impose certain safety precautions.


Here's some more tips:


4. Obey signals from the driver. The bus driver knows when kids should stand up, when they should unbuckle, when to start heading for the door, etc. So if you are in charge, don't give orders unless the driver says it is safe to do so.


5. No staying at the back of the bus. Even when the bus is not moving, always make sure to tell the kids never to cross or stay behind it. Especially not when you're about to start boarding and about to leave a particular location. This is because the bus is large and your NYC bus charter driver is not on ground level, he may not see anybody at the rear end and may run over him or her without even knowing it.


6. No coming back after exiting. Do not allow anybody to return to the bus after everyone else has gotten down. This is common when children realize that they have forgotten something inside the bus when they have reached a particular destination. The driver may not notice and may drive towards a better parking area, or may lock the doors. This will only cause a child losing his or her way and getting separated from the others.


7. No crawling down. Tell the kids not to crawl down to retrieve dropped belongings. If they have dropped something under the seats, ask them to inform you about it and wait for the driver to say it's okay to get it.



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