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It is a great idea for seniors to travel or go on trips together as a group. It will be an enriching and enjoyable experience for the elderly to go on a charter bus around New York, visit exciting places, or attend certain events.


However, a group trip for seniors can be quite risky and even scary for some. This is because the elderly require special care and there are special precautions to take. So if you are organizing a trip for the seniors around New York in a bus charter, here are a few tips that might be of help.


Plan ahead. It is very important to plan your itinerary ahead and get yourself familiar with the places you are going to visit. If you have seniors who need to be taken on a wheelchair, make sure the venues have ramps for easy access.


Pick places that are not so noisy and overcrowded so it would be easy for you to keep a head count and supervise the elderly. Accessible toilets and washrooms are also very important considerations. If you are going to attend an event, like a play or a concert, be sure to purchase the tickets ahead of time and maybe notify the organizers so that the seniors won’t need to line up and wait for their turns to get in.


Safety, safety, safety. This is a top priority when traveling with elderly people. Make sure you have listed down safety guidelines for everyone to follow at all times – from the time they get on the NYC bus charter, to the time the bus is already on the road, to when they disembark, to the moment they enter a particular venue, and even to the time they need to leave the place and go back to the bus. Make sure there’s a younger person to assist each elderly as he or she boards or gets off the bus. Also be cautious of slippery floors when you go to a particular location.


It is also important for all elderly passengers to buckle up. When hiring a bus, always talk with your New York bus company about the availability of seat belts in their fleet.



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