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bus companies in new yorkSo you've got your itinerary planned out and you have decided to charter a bus from an NYC bus rental company to take you places. But before you take the time out to book a bus and inspect it, check out these suggestions on how you can make your trip more enjoyable by booking the right bus for your trip.


1. Watch a movie or listen to music.

Ask your New York City bus rental company regarding a DVD or CD player on the bus. And while they do provide the player and the television set, you will have to prepare the music or movie disc yourself. Playing music or watching a good movie will entertain everyone during the trip and there will be none of those awkward moments of silence or that deafening noise of everyone chattering all at the same time.


2. Play a group game.

Prepare games that you can play as a group and prepare little prizes or incentives to encourage everyone to participate. Games are a lot of fun and it facilitates interaction among passengers. We have suggestions on what games would be nice to play while onboard a charter bus in New York.


no boring bus rides


3. To relax is to enjoy.

If you think your group is made up of a wide variety of tastes and preferences that no one movie or one kind of music will ever suit everyone, or if your group belongs to an age group that's not too fond of games, then you will have to allow everyone on board to relax. Let them read their favorite book or newspaper, or to just enjoy the sceneries you pass by. And to make relaxation more enjoyable, make sure your New York City bus rental company provides you a bus with reclining seats, adjustable overhead ventilation and adjustable lighting controls.



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