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New York City is just like any other city in the world. You may love its beauty, but it can be tiring. Knowing some secrets about the Big Apple can help make your visit a little more memorable, safe and comfortable.


Custom Coach and Limo would like to give you some pointers on how to enjoy NYC even more:


1. If you were with a group, it would make more sense if you charter a mini bus in New York City and skip having to use the subway or riding in cabs. A mini bus in New York City can help transport groups of any size comfortably and conveniently. Nobody in your group would need to wait around or stand in line to get a ride, and everybody will be safer.


2. The small shops have the best bargains. We hear you. New York is a fashion capital and there is just no reason for you not to splurge on clothes.


There are a lot of big name outlets that can give you discounted clothes from the last season. We are talking about really deep discounts here, with some items going for more than 80% off its original price. Check out the following places.


Century 21
22 Cortland St.


SSS Sample Sales
261 W. 36th St.


19 Prince St.


Nordstrom Rack
60 E. 14th St.,


However, let us tell you a secret, you can find the best deals in the smaller shops. For example, shops in the Lower East Side often have pieces from local designers available together with vintage items and unique pieces. Check out the shops in Williamsburg, East Village and West Village where you are bound to find clothes, shoes and other items at rock bottom prices.


Without a mini bus in New York City to take you down its many neighborhoods, it is going to be very easy for you to get lost. Why bother with maps when you can get somebody to drive you and your group to these fabulous little shops?


Custom Coach and Limo wants you to have a grand time in the Big Apple. That is why we are offering lower prices for our mini buses in New York City.


3. Always eat dinner early. That is if you do not want to go hungry. Locals often eat dinner starting at 8 pm, so if you want to avoid the crowds, better get there early. In addition, it might help if you have a reservation. Typically, you need to reserve a week in advance. For those really in-demand places, you need to allot a month or so.


If you were not able to reserve, try getting to the restaurant earlier than 7 pm or later than 10:30 pm. Granted a very late dinner will probably leave most members of your group hungry... and cranky.


If you do plan to have a very late dinner, then make sure that you bring enough food for everyone in your group. Custom Coach and Limo has mini buses in New York City that has space for a table so that those in your group who feels hungry can have a meal to tide them over.


4. Purchase your Broadway tickets in advance, online. Here is the deal with most of the popular Broadway shows: you are more likely not going to see them if you do not buy your tickets in advance. If you are lucky enough to get a ticket, then be prepared to spend a bundle. Popular shows will probably set you back more than $100 at the very least.


Check out these website for announcements on discount tickets bought in advance:


If you did not do your homework, you might still get lucky and get discounted tickets from TKTS Discount Booth on the same day of the performance you want to watch. However, this is not recommended for bigger groups.


5. Treat your taste buds to the flavors of the world. New York City is home to a lot of nationalities and people from every ethnicity often have businesses here. Go around the Big Apple and you can taste food made by people from every part of the world. You can get Indian food in Queens, Egyptian food in Little Cairo. Greek food is flowing in Astoria, specifically on Ditmars Blvd. Italian pasta and pizza is also a favorite in Little Italy.


If you really want to find all the gastronomic gems in the Big Apple, you must get on a charter bus in New York City to make sure that you find them. Just ask the driver or any local, and you are sure to find what you are looking for. This way, you have a convenient way of seeing the city and also not get lost when it is time to eat.


A charter bus in New York City helps you to see more sights instead of waiting for a bus or a cab to take everybody there.


6. Get some exercise in Central Park. If you are visiting New York on a weekend, you might want to get some exercise in Central Park along with other activities in your itinerary. On Saturdays and Sundays, Central Park is closed to traffic and people can go there to run, hike, bike or skate.


Remember to call Custom Coach and Limo and get a charter bus in New York City for all your travel and touring needs!


A charter bus rental in NYC can help you and your group have a more memorable time in the Big Apple. This is always our first tip when asked about the things that we could share to tourists. However, we have more, as you can see from these series of tips for visitors to NYC.


Read on to get more tips:


7. Avoid the crowds. There are more than 8.2 million living in New York City and a lot more are coming in to visit. It is not surprising that it does get a little too crowded at times.


However, you can avoid the crowds if you plan your itinerary carefully. Avoid visiting during the holidays. avoid Times Square or the Rockefeller in November or December.


In addition, there are other things as well. For example, if you are coming to visit during the holiday season, then be sure to avoid the malls and the big department stores. Create your itinerary so that you can avoid these areas at all costs.


Another good idea is when you want to visit the Empire State Building, you might want to buy your tickets online so that you get to avoid some lines at the venue. You should also consider getting the more expensive Express Pass. You might also want to skip the fireworks too if you are coming in on holidays, because these are the days when the Empire State Building is swarming with people.


Lastly, even outside of the rush hour, it would be very difficult to get a bus or a cab near the most popular attractions in the city. A charter bus rental in NYC might help you avoid the chaos.


Custom Coach and Limo is a local company that has been in business for more than five years now. This is the reason why we are an authority not just in chartering a mini bus in New York City and other vehicles for that matter, but also in the places you could visit while in the Big Apple.


8. Act like a local. Just because you are visiting does not mean that you should let it be obvious. For example, do not take up the entire sidewalk with your group blocking the way for others to pass. Do not walk with a map in your hand. Remember the etiquette and use your common sense.


However, do not be afraid to ask for help either. New Yorkers are actually one of the most helpful people on earth.


9. Listen to the world's best music here. No matter what day it is, you can always catch a world-class musician playing somewhere in NYC. Check out the schedules of such venues as The Radio City Music Hall or the Lincoln Center. If you want to go back to the grassroots, you can always hit the bars and clubs for a little classical, jazz, pop or rock music.


If you are going with your group and you are going to drink alcohol, make sure that you have a mini bus in New York City to take you back to your hotel. This would ensure that all of you are safe and far from accidents.



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