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New York City has two faces. One is what you see on travel guides, travel blogs and other sources. These are the places that are highly recommended for tourists to visit or suggested activities for people to do. And while places and activities have their own merits, they tend to be crowded and cliched. Every visitor would have pictures of themselves at the steps of the Met, or in line for tickets at a Broadway show. And if these are what you have in mind for your visit, then we suggest that you get a sprinter van rental in New York City to make your tours easier and more convenient.


But there is another part of the Big Apple that we would like to call "the Other NYC". These are the hidden, secret, little-known places that you should know if you want to experience the Big Apple fully. Get on a sprinter van rental in New York City and check them out!


Sprinter Van Rental in New York City


What are these little-known attractions?


Alice in Wonderland


If you are visiting Central Park, do try to locate this statue that features Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, and the Dormouse as they attend a tea party that you and your kids would want to attend.


If you are romantic, you might want to check out the personal love quotes that are placed on the benches of Central Park. It is said that one out of three of the park's benches have been adopted and has a personal love quote. Find your favorite quote!


Paley Park


If you find yourself in Midtown Manhattan and feeling tired and cramped in, then check out Paley Park. It has a 20 foot waterfall that can help you chase the stress away.


There are more little known gems hidden all around the Big Apple that you could visit with a sprinter van rental in New York City.


Berlin Wall


Manhattan has put together various remnants of the Berlin Wall. Go to Battery Park and see one section of the notorious wall, while you can see the only other section that is located in New York and is publicly displayed at the UN Plaza. Not only will you appreciate the art of these sections, but you will see a piece of German history in the middle of the Big Apple.


Track 61


Track 61 is a train platform that is hidden beneath the Waldorf Astoria. It was once used to bring celebrities and other high profile guests to the hotel from Grand Central. It was also where Andy Warhol hosted his Underground Party in the 1960s.


77 Water Street Rooftop


Located in the Financial District, you can come up to the 77 Water Street Rooftop and see a private runway that has an old World War I fighter plane. The airplane runway still has the lights that you can appreciate when you go at night. And no, you cannot land or take off from the runway here.


The Smallpox Hospital


The Smallpox Hospital is located on Roosevelt Island and has an amazing gothic revival architecture. The abandoned building, which used to be the top treatment facility in the city for smallpox, would still wow visitors.


New York City is an amalgam of all cultures and people. It is not surprising to see different sights all over the city. And this is the reason why there are many surprising little attractions that you may have missed. So get on a sprinter van rental in New York City and see as many of our suggested hidden gems.


Irish Hunger Memorial


The memorial pays tribute to the more than 1 million people who died of the Ireland Famine in the mid 1800s, as well as the more than a million others who migrated to other lands. It features beautiful and thought provoking quotes at the entry tunnel and offers a peaceful journey all throughout. You should also check out the county stones.


Life Underground


Life Underground is a series of bronze statues that are located in the New York Subway. These statues are whimsical and features a sewer alligator, businessmen, and other people. Keep your eyes peeled because their appearance is a pleasant surprise!


Maiden Lane Sidewalk Clock


If you are in the downtown Manhattan area, you will want to go to Maiden Lane and Broadway and check out the bronze clock embedded on the sidewalk. The clock has been in operation since the 1890s and was designed by William Barthman. The bronze clock was intended to lure people into Barthman's jewelry store.


Lenin Statue


Houston Street has the Red Square building, which has an 18 foot statue of Vladimir Lenin. Yuri Gerasimov created the statue, which pays tribute to the Soviet Union after it collapsed in the late 1980s. Another fun fact: Lenin's statue has one arm raised, and it points to Wall Street.

Atlantic Avenue Subway Tunnel


You can tour the oldest standing subway tunnel in the entire world. The Atlantic Avenue Subway Tunnel was built in the 1840s and was only rediscovered in the 1980s.


Aside from that, here are the activities that we encourage you consider when visiting the Big Apple:


Find a cocktail bar or hotel room that would give you a bird's eye view of Times Square.


Times Square is an exhilarating place to be in and there is plenty to see on the ground. But really, you should find a bar or a room that gives you a different view of Times Square and see it in another light.


Tour the tunnels of Columbia University.


Underground, Columbia University has several tunnels that goes through the entire campus. Did you know that the university was the site of a mental asylum, and these tunnels were used back then?


Visit the Morgan Library.


There are few places in the Big Apple that is more beautiful than the Morgan Library. The library started as a private library of Pierpont Morgan and JP Morgan but was opened to the public years afterwards. But more than its beauty, book lovers would love it here. The library features temporary exhibits on a wide variety of topics.

Find Rockefeller Center's secret gardens.


There are several attractions that you can go to when you visit the Rockefeller Center, such as the Christmas tree, ice skating rink and the flowering sculpture created by Jeff Koons. But did you know that it also has several small green gardens that cover its many rooftops. There is also the 620 Loft and Gallery where you can enjoy a manicured garden and great views of the St. Patrick's Cathedral.


Ride the Roosevelt Island Aerial Tramway.


Get a Metrocard and ride the Roosevelt Island Aerial Tramway, where you can ride the unique tram and get beautiful views of the city as well as the East River.


Spot as many tiny street doors as you can.


Many lamp posts in the city has tiny doors located as the base. Open a door and you would find a curious looking code inside each of them. These codes are called QR codes and you would need to download a QR code reader onto your smartphone and take a photo of the code. Scanning the code would bring you to the Speakeasy Dollhouse Project, owned by performance artist Cynthia Von Buhler.


Familiarize yourself with the subway with the sidewalk map on Greene Street.


Greene Street has a map of the subway carved directly into the ground detailing the various stops with LED lights. The Subway Map Floating on a NYC Sidewalk was created by Francoise Schein.


Tour the old city hall subway stop.


Close in the 1940s, the old city hall subway stop used to be a bustling subway station that is still noted because of its beauty. The station is closed but there are tours that are open to the public that you can join. You can also just stay on the 6 train until it passes the station.


Stroll down Pomander Walk.


If you have ever wondered how it was like to walk down the streets of old England, then you should include Pomander Walk into your itinerary. The street has buildings that sport Tudor architecture as well as other features. It might be gated and locked so the general public would just have to contend with looking from afar.


Other tips that you should know about the "other NYC":


  • Berg'n Beer and Food Hall in Brooklyn is the best place to grab a late night snack.
  • For art lovers, Chelsea is one neighborhood they should not miss.
  • Scour the Brooklyn Flea for some great treasures at deep discounts.
  • Tour the Mast Brothers Chocolate factory on a weekend afternoon and taste some of the best artisanal chocolate you can find in the Big Apple.    
  • Feel like a spy and find Raines Law Room in the Flatiron and ring the bell to be allowed entry.
  • Go to Flushing and taste the best dimsum in the city.
  • If you want to see the city in a different way but also get fit, sign up for a marathon.  There is usually a marathon held somewhere in the city on the weekends.
  • Feel like a Roman in the baths at TriBeCa's Aire Ancient Baths.
  • If you want the best cookies, then go to Levain Bakery.
  • Spend an afternoon in West Village.
  • Catch a show at Comedy Cellar, who knows Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock might take the stage unexpectedly!


Get a sprinter van rental in New York City from Custom Coach & Limo today and do all these things in a weekend!



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