Tribeca Film Festival: Get Your Film Buff Friends on a Sprinter Van Rental in NYC

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The Tribeca Film Festival was conceptualized by Robert de Niro and Jane Rosenthal to recognize New York City as a major filmmaking mecca and to help Lower Manhattan in its long-term recovery.


It has been more than 10 years since the festival first opened to the public and it has become one of the most notable film festivals in the world. So why not get a sprinter van rental in NYC and visit the festival, which happens on April 17 to 28 in 2013?


A sprinter van rental in NYC can easily transport a group of up to 12 people. This ensures that you can catch the activities during the festival and if you still have the energy and the time, you could go ahead and visit other attractions.


But what can you do on a sprinter van rental in NYC during the festival?


1. Get your fill of the best movies. The Tribeca Film Festival typically screens close to 200 movies during its course. You could catch world premieres and even have star sightings as well.


2. Attend one of the Tribeca Talks.


3. Catch the Tribeca Storyscapes. This free event is open to visitors 21 years old or older.


Movie ticket prices are usually in the $8 to $16 range. Gala screenings are worth the $25 you pay for entrance. But a lot of the events during the festival are free.


Remember these tips:


1. Buy your tickets in advance to ensure that you get to see the films and panels that you want.


2. Line up early, especially for the most popular movies. Having a ticket will not guarantee you seats.


3. Join the panel discussions. More than the movies, why don't you go and listen to the panel discussions and find out what went on behind the scenes of your favorite festival movies?


4. Want to see a celebrity? Go to the Regal during the hours of 7 pm to 9 pm. Or keep your eyes peeled because stars and directors often attend the festival.


5. Get a sprinter van rental in NYC. This will help you get your friends to and from the festival. You could also take the van to restaurant or a bar where you could eat up and discuss the films that you have just seen!



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