Uncover Fun Places in Cattaraugus County on a Mini Bus Rental in New York

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Cattaraugus County is located in the southwestern part of New York State. It is just north of Pennsylvania. Why not hire a mini bus rental in New York, visit Cattaraugus County and enjoy its splendor?


A mini bus rental in New York can easily accommodate a mid-sized group of up to 40 people, making it just right for traveling with special interest groups, a club or people from your community.


mini bus rental in New York


A mini bus rental in New York can take you to:


The Pat McGee Trail


The Pat McGee Trail is just one of the many bicycle trails in the county. The trail currently spans 12.2 miles but there are plans to have it lengthened to cover more than seven municipalities from Cattaraugus Village to Salamanca.


The Pat McGee Trail goes through woodlands, greens and wetlands, where you are sure to come up close with various birds, animals and plants.


Enjoy the clean streams when you stop at one of the six bridges along the trail.


You can also go hiking and horseback riding here or when the snow is enough, have snowmobile rides. The trail also has picnic areas.


Allegany State Park


If you love biking and nature, you can enjoy them both when you visit the Allegany State Park. Allegany State Park has 18 hiking trails that you could choose from. For beginners, you could start with the tree trails that are fully developed for self-guided biking and nature trails.


Even if you do not bike, you can still enjoy hiking, skiing, horseback riding, rollerblading, and riding a snowmobile here.


If you visit in the fall months, you have the bonus of seeing the most splendid autumn foliage here.


Cattaraugus County is one of the most beautiful places in New York State. Be sure to get a mini bus rental in New York to visit one of these days.


Cattaraugus County offers a lot of places you could see and visit, as well as a lot of things you could do. So gather your friends and family onto a mini bus rental in New York and visit these:


Amish Trail


The Amish Trail runs through Cattaraugus County. But things are different here and things are a lot less commercialized compared to other Amish communities in New York State.


On the Amish Trail, you can buy a lot of unique items from handmade quilts and trinkets to fresh eggs, milk and other produce.


Just remember that you should not take photos of the shops on the Amish Trail. The Amish shops are also close on Sundays. A mini bus rental in New York will be perfect for your trip to the Amish Trail. Not only will you have an easy way to get around, it will be easier for you to take the stuff that you buy, too.


Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel


Las Vegas might be the country's premier gambling destination, but you could have a comparable i experience at the Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel.


The Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel combines world-class dining, entertainment and gaming all in one roof. You can choose from the slot machines and the variety of table games.


You can also opt to stay the night in one of their more than 200 deluxe rooms and suites. You can also relax in the salon and spa, which they have on the premises.


The Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel has a wondrous backdrop because it is located at the foot of the Allegany Mountains.


Onoville Marina


The Onoville Marina is the largest one in the area. It is operated by the county and is considered to be the finest camping place, water resort and marina in the Southern Tier region.


But do not worry, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun here without having to shell out a lot of money.


You can choose from the 400 dock slips, the many picnic shelters, and the 70 camp sites that are available here. They also have a playground, showers, launch ramp and comfort rooms.


As far as activities go, there is something for everyone here. You can go boating, camping, fishing, kayaking, swimming, kayaking. There are also a number of restaurants and golf courses nearby.


Cattaraugus Creek


Cattaraugus County is a great place to visit if you love fishing. All their lakes, creeks and streams are teeming with fish that are raised at the Randolph Fish Hatchery. The hatchery is one of the many arms of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.


You can fish in the spring when trout season opens or go ice fishing during the Winter.


There are a lot of places where you could go fishing in the county, but you might want to take note that Cattaraugus Creek has been cited by a number of fishing magazines as a top steelhead fishing destination.


A mini bus rental can accommodate up to 40 people so that you could bring your friends and family with you for a friendly game of golf. You do not have to worry about where to put your golfing equipment if you want to bring your own balls and clubs, because there is ample storage on board.


In Cattaraugus County, you can have a world of golfing options. The county has several world-class courses that cater to everyone. Whether you are looking for an 18-hole course, or a mini golf place, Cattaraugus County is a must-visit!


Be sure to check out these golf courses:


Black Diamond Course. Holiday Valley's famous Double Black Diamond Course is one of the most challenging golf courses in the area.


What's more, it is very well-kept, earning it a place in the 2009 list of best redesigned courses in the United States, published by Golf Magazine.


There are varying hole terrains on the course and the view is unbeatable.


Birch Run Country Club. Covering close to 3,200 yards, the Birch Run Country Club is a great place to learn and is perfect for beginners who love 9-hole courses.


Bartlett Country Club. If you are traveling with family or a mixed group, you will want to play golf here. Bartlett Country Club has a par 70, 18-hole course that can be very challenging for golf lovers. For those in your group who are not into golf, they can go swimming or have an informal picnic.


Mystic Waters. Mystic Waters offers a miniature golf course that has one of the more unique driving ranges in the area. It is only in Mystic Waters where you can swing your balls into the lake and the staff will retrieve it for you as it stays afloat on the water. They also have areas where you can play badminton, volleyball and have a picnic.


Cardinal Hills Golf Course. Randolph, New York, boasts of Cardinal Hills Golf Course, an 18-hole affair that offers a challenging game for everyone.


Tasta Pizza. If you want to play miniature golf while enjoying the most delicious pizzas in the region, then head on to Tasta Pizza where there is an 18-hole miniature golf course behind the restaurant.


Other courses in the area:

  • Elkdale Country club,
  • Ischua Valley Country Club,
  • St. Bonaventure Golf Course,
  • Turkey Run Golf Course
  • Water Way Hills Golf Course
  • Enchanted Mountain GeoTrail Caches


Cattaraugus County is a place that you must visit on a mini bus rental in New York. The area just has a lot of things to offer visitors. There is something to do for everyone.


What else can you do while you’re in Cattaraugus County? Here are some suggestions:




Geocaching is a relatively new activity that you can do with just your smartphone and some GPS app. You then find the caches hidden all around Cattaraugus County.


The Enchanted Mountain GeoTrail has caches hidden in 32 towns in the area. You will need to find these caches and have them exchanged for a wooden nickel. Once you have collected all 32 nickels, you can have it exchanged for a geocoin.


If you are looking to do something fun as a group, this is a great idea. It's like having a scavenger hunt, only more high tech!


Sky High Mountain Coaster


If you are looking for good old-fashioned roller coaster fun, then try out the Sky High Mountain Coaster. It has an uphill track of close to 1,900 feet long and rises 283 feet vertically. This gravity powered coaster has a downhill track of 15 curves, a jum, 12 wave and a large spiral. The Sky High Mountain Coaster is close to 5,000 feet long and takes only 6 minutes to complete.


In the Sticks Paintball


Located in Machias, In the Sticks Paintball is open every day. Here, you can have a great game of paintball with the whole group as you go through more than 4 acres of diverse terrain, from wooded areas to hills. The area has a lot of trees and more than 50 bunkers. The best part? You can play all day for only $10.


After a particularly rough game, you will surely appreciate an air conditioned mini bus rental in New York to take you back to your hotel!


Little Valley Horse Park


Little Valley Horse Park is the venue of the annual Labor Day Trail Ride, which includes horseback riding and dancing. If you join this yearly event, you get to have three days worth of horseback riding, inclusive of meals and accommodations. Horse rental is available.


You could also camp at one of the 24 camping spots in the area.


Located on 5397 Rt. 353 in Little Valley, New York, you could call in your reservations at (716) 938-6313.


Allegheny River Trail


The Allegheny River Trail is where local residents go to jog, ride a bike or walk. It features a loop trail that runs more than 6 miles and is used by everyone from babies in strollers to older people.




HoliMont is one of the largest ski resorts in the area and has become a tradition among families as far as skiing is concerned. It is highly likely that a child learns how to ski here, as did his or her father and his father before him.


Go down more than 700 feet of snow. In fact, it is snow all around you making winter literally come to life.


Holiday Valley Resort


Holiday Valley Resort is the other large ski resort in the area, the other one being Holimont. They have 58 different slopes on four faces.


They also have tubing facilities and programs for kids.


You can enjoy the snow on top of the hills or go to the village of Ellicottville where you could shop, eat and enjoy the warm smiles all around.


You could also try the mountain coaster here, or pamper yourself at the Falling Waters Spa. If you are not afraid of heights, go on the Aerial Adventure Park where you can play on treetops.


SkiMag has ranked Holiday Valley Resort as the fourth best in the East.


Holiday Valley Resort is located at 6557 Holiday Valley Road in Ellicottville. You can call (716) 699-2345 for information.


There are times when we get sick of the dreary landscapes of the city. All we see is gray all around and it feels like we are crowded in. If you and your friends are feeling the blah, why not hire a mini bus rental in New York and head on to Cattaraugus County?


Cattaraugus County is home to 80,000 people, but this area is where you could find majestic hills, clean rivers and creeks, as well as a lot of wide open spaces. See Mother Nature in all her beauty here, while doing some great activities such as skiing, hiking, golfing, horseback riding and others!


But note that Cattaraugus County is not like being in the boondocks at all. In fact, some places worth checking out there are things that you would find in the Big Apple, only a lot better.


Custom Coach and Limo recommends the following places to check out in Cattaraugus County:


Seneca Gaming and Entertainment


Salamanca's Seneca Gaming and Entertainment located at 768 Broad Street is known for having the biggest daily payouts in Bingo in all of Western New York. This place is open daily and offers a lot of promos and specials.


Come here for a chance to win as much as $500 on a weekday regular game or $1,000 on weekends. The grand prize starts out at $10,000!


If you are not a bingo fan, you can always play the slots and some card games here.


Skateland of Franklinville


Skateland of Franklinville combines both rollerblading and indoor roller skating in one place.


But they have more than that. If you do not feel like skating at all, there are go-karts, laser tag, bounce houses, batting cages, a dance club, snack bar, and a video arcade. Doesn't that sound like fun for everyone?


This place is located at 70 South Main Street in Franklinville. You can call (716) 676-2655 for more information.


Chapel Hill Raceway


The Chapel Hill Raceway is where the World Karting Association often holds its events, such as the WKA Nationals, the New York Pavement Divisional Series, and the WKA Super Regional.


Chapel Hill Raceway is located at 4716 Chapel Hill Road in Great Valley. You can visit http://www.chapelhillraceway.com/ or call (716) 969-0327 for more information.


Pfeiffer Nature Center & Foundation


During the winter, Pfeiffer Nature Center & Foundation allows you to discover just how much fun you could have while snowshoeing, sledding or cross-county skiing. But if you opt for some quiet time, you can always just admire the view or breathe the fresh air.


But there is just a lot to do here, no matter when you visit. You can go hiking along its beautifully-kept trails. Or if you are lucky enough, attend their programs. You could go on a guided tour to see the expanse of the properties here, and see the extent of nature's beauty. If you want to, you could host your child's birthday party here.


They also have geocaching activities for you.


Pfeiffer Nature Center & Foundation is located at 1420 Yubadam Road in Portville. For more information, call (716) 933-0187 or visit http://pfeiffernaturecenter.org


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