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New York City is affected by coastal storms, which could take the form of hurricanes, tropical storms and nor'easters. The Big Apple may have these occasional weather disturbances and they can be very destructive.


Follow these tips to stay safe:


If you are traveling on a mini bus in NYC during a hurricane, it might help to stay in a hotel for a while. Chances are, the roads are blocked. In fact, when Hurricane Sandy ripped through NYC in October, there were a number of road closures. And even if the roads are open, it would still be very dangerous to travel. Even railways are closed and air travel is suspended during a storm. If you can find a hotel, all the better because you could expect disruptions in power, gas and other utilities during a storm.


Stay inside. Flying debris and falling objects are going to be a problem during a storm. Be sure that you stay inside and just spend the time with your family playing games or having an indoor bonding activity.


Listen to the radio or stay tuned on local TV. The City government will give announcements and instructions on what to do before, during and after a storm, especially in cases of an emergency.


Prepare supplies and food that will last for at least three days. You should have enough provisions, food and medicine that would last you and your group three days at the very least. Expect to have a lot of stores closed during a hurricane. Also, bring a lot of flashlights and spare batteries, in case of power outage. Do not use candles as a light source as these can easily start a fire.


Keep cash handy. ATMs would probably be out of commission when the power goes, so if you need to buy anything, you would not be able to withdraw. Credit cards may also not work. So withdraw whatever cash you think you might need for certain emergency purchases.


Negotiate for a refund. Talk to the bus company that provided you with a mini bus in NYC, and you might be able to get a refund or a discount if you need to book another one after the storm.



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