Visit Clinton County with the Family via a Sprinter Van Limo in NYC

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Clinton County lies on the northeast corner of New York State, and south of the Canadian border. Bordering on the lovely Lake Champlain and with beautiful lakes, rivers, tributaries, as well as the majestic Adirondack Mountains, it is a very ideal place to spend a vacation with the entire family. You can get a sprinter van limo in NYC and go fishing, boating, swimming, camping, hiking, skiing during the winter, and do just about any outdoor activity you wish.


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Sprinter Van Limo in NYC


So just where can you go in Clinton County?


Lake Ontario


The vast Lake Ontario spans across seven different counties in New York. So, naturally, it offers you many opportunities for outdoor recreation. You can do any outdoor activity here, from backpacking to bird watching, sailing, fishing, and canoeing.


You can also tour some of the many lighthouses surrounding Lake Ontario.


Ausable Chasm


You can head over to Ausable Chasm and go rafting, tubing, mountain biking, playing disc golf, and even mining for gemstones. You can also take your group to one of the walking tours and themed tours offered.


If you don’t have any kids with you, you can embark on a great adventure on the Adventure Trail, where you would need to cross cable bridges, go rock climbing, and go on edge walks.


And for only $59, you can rappel three times, each one longer than the previous!


For those who don’t like extreme sports or adventures, there is a classic tour you can take. Or you can just go on a leisurely walk and admire the area’s natural splendor. There are also campsites available for you and your group.


Open since 1870, Ausable Chasm has been operating for almost 150 years! It is on Route 9 in Ausable Chasm, NY. Please call (866) RV-CHASM or go their Web site at for more information or for reservations.


Clinton County is an ideal family vacation destination. This is especially true if you love fresh air and beautiful sceneries. It has a rich history, too. You can get a sprinter van limo in NYC and head to Clinton County for a wide variety of outdoor activities and even for museum tours.


A sprinter van limo in NYC can comfortably accommodate up to 10 passengers and still leave plenty of room for luggage, outdoor gears, sport equipment, and other stuff you need to bring with you.


Now, here are a few suggestions on where you can go in Clinton County:


Plattsburgh State Art Museum


If you are a fan of American painter Rockwell Kent, then a visit to Plattsburgh State Art Museum is a must. With 34 Kent paintings, the museum holds the most complete collection of his works, done between 1900 and 1965.


The museum is also home to Nina Winkel Sculpture Court, which is a permanent collection of close to 50 years’ worth of Winkel’s wonderful works.


The museum also hosts temporary exhibits. Come and see more than 4,600 pieces of art, artifacts and other notable pieces. It also has other programs where visitors could learn more about art.


The Plattsburgh State Art Museum is located at the State University of New York on Broad Street. Call (518) 564-2498 for additional information.


Heart’s Delight Farm


As a tribute to Heart’s Delight Farm Heritage Exhibit is a tribute to William Miner and his wife, Alice. In here you can learn more about the history of the farm and about William’s early years. Also a highlight of the exhibit are the many innovations that William introduced, such as hydroelectric power as well as other technologies that were not common during his time.


So get a feel of how life was life on the farm over 100 years ago and head over to Heart’s Delight Farm located at The William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute on 1034 Miner Farm Road in Chazy. Call (518) 846-7121 for more information.


North Country Cultural Center for the Arts


If you and your family are into arts, then a visit to the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts should be in order. This place holds rotating exhibits, art workshops, musical performances, and many more. It also offers classes in photography, dance, visual arts, music, clay art, and other disciplines.


North Country Cultural Center for the Arts can be found at 23 Brinkerhoff Street in Plattsburgh. For inquiries, call (518) 563-1604.


Kent-Delord House Museum


Those who love American history will surely enjoy a visit to the Kent-Delord House Museum, which is almost a hundred years old. This house museum features the heirlooms, antiques, and historic relics that were owned by the prominent Delord and Webb families and belonged to the extensive collection of Fannie Hall before she died in 1913.


The Kent-Delord House Museum is located at 17 Cumberland Ave. in Plattsburgh. For more information, visit its Web site at


Douglas Resort and Campground


If you need a break from your hectic life in the city, then head over to Douglas Resort and Campground. With its lake-front cottages and the wide array of fun outdoor activities for the whole family, this is truly the ideal place to unwind and recharge.


You can choose from the varied campsites where you could avail of amenities like free showers and flush toilets. You can also take your pick from the several cottages of various sizes, each with its own bath. For as low as $35 per day, your whole family can engage in whatever outdoor fun or activity you want.


Douglas Resort and Campground is at 2400 Silver Lake Rd. in Au Sable Forks. You can call (800) 201-8061 for more details or visit its Web site at


Bluff Point Golf Resort


For those who are into golf, check out the Bluff Point Golf Resort, which was designed by renowned architect A.W. Tillinghast and is known to be one of the most beautiful in the area and one of the oldest golf courses in the country.


And if you happen to fall in love with the very lovely view and decide to stay the night, there are golf packages you could take advantage of.


Bluff Point Golf Resort is located at 75 Bluff Point Drive in Plattsburgh. Please call (518) 563-3420 or visit its Web site at for inquiries.


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Clinton County Historical Museum


Learn whatever you can about the rich and colorful history and heritage of Clinton County at the Clinton County Historical Museum. It is located near the beautiful Adirondack Mountains and Lake Champlain, so it will really be worth the trip.


In here, you will also witness how the county evolved from being a vast wilderness to being a farming town, then to becoming a mining and transportation center in the 19th century,


Clinton County Historical Museum is at 98 Ohio Avenue in Plattsburgh. It is open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Adults can get in for $5, while seniors and children get in at a discounted rate.


Babbie Rural & Farm Learning Museum


The Babbie Rural & Farm Learning Museum was opened only three years ago but it shows you glimpses into history through its collection of antiques, artifacts and other exhibits. You can also learn more about the life of farmers in the olden days. What’s more, the museum boasts of interactive exhibits designed especially for kids.


The Babbie Rural & Farm Learning Museum is on River Road in Peru, NY. Visit its Web site at for more information.


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