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Are you looking for a fun way to spend a weekend or a day with your whole family? Why not gather them on Sprinter van rental in New York City and head out to Sylvester Manor?


A Sprinter van rental in New York City can accommodate families of up to 12 members. You can then comfortably go to Sylvester Manor without having to crowd everybody inside a small car or van.


Sylvester Manor is a Shelter Island plantation that has encouraged visitors to raise livestock or plant vegetables in recent years.


The people behind Sylvester Manor also prepare educational programs for children annually. There are also theatrical performances onsite including some of the best Shakespearean plays and musicals in the area. There are also various events such as a dance showdowns, farming workshops, painting and art exhibits, cooking demos, dinners, singing fetes and other similar activities.


Sylvester Manor also holds the annual Plant and Sing event when you could have the most fun with a series of food events, singing, dancing, arts, storytelling and music.


There are also programs for different ages. You can stay there for two weeks under a program. If you like to continue, you can volunteer to work on the farm as long as there are available slots.


There are just so many things that you could do at Sylvester Manor and what’s more, you get to teach your kids how to be closer to nature. It is very different from the usual malling or tours. This is when getting dirty is okay and educational.


Give your kids the chance to try out something new, fun and education. Get a Sprinter van rental in New York City and proceed to Sylvester Manor. You can even opt for a game console on board the van to keep your kids entertained while on the way there.



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