When Is the Best Time to Visit New York City?

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Custom Coach and Limo has been in the charter bus business for more than five years now. We have provided a lot of groups with charter buses in New York City.


We have been in contact with a lot of people who wanted to get our services for their trips in the Big Apple. But more than just providing charter buses in New York City, we also aim to give our customers with the best tips as part of our customer service.


One of the most often asked questions we usually get from customers and friends is when the best time is to go to New York City.


Our answer has been consistent over the years: it can be anytime. You can visit New York City in the spring, winter, summer or fall and you can still have a great time.


It all depends on who you are and what you want.


If you want to see a Broadway hit, you might want to come to New York during January and February because it would be easier to get a ticket during these slower months.


If you have the penchant for good food at the best restaurants in New York, then be sure to visit during July and August when most residents are on vacation.


Summer time is the best if you want live outdoor entertainment. You could watch a movie at an open air drive in or catch a show at the Lincoln Center.


If you plan to do a lot of walking, then be sure to visit during spring when the weather is just pleasant.


Fall, however, offers wonderful scenery with the orange and brown foliage.


If you like to party, then there is nothing like New York City in December to catch all the best parties. On top of that, you can also catch the different holiday window displays as well as holiday events.


This is a time when New York City can become very crowded and hotel prices are quite high.


If you are on a budget, then winter is a great time for your visit.


No matter when you visit, always remember that Custom Coach and Limo have the best sprinter vans, mini buses and charter buses in New York City for you and your group.



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