Spring in New York City: Make Your Family Vacation Even More Exciting with a Sprinter Van Rental in NYC

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New York City is a joy to visit anytime of the year. But if you want to have an outdoorsy family vacation in the Big Apple, then you should visit during spring. Make it even more perfect with a sprinter van rental in NYC.


Expect to do a lot of walking, the weather is just perfect for it! A sprinter van rental in NYC, however, will help you rest your tired feet at the end of your walking spree.


Now where to go and what to do in New York City during spring?


Sprinter van rental in NYC


1. Walking tours.


There are a lot of companies that provide walking tours of New York City. This will help you get to know NYC up close. We have already published a great selection of walking tours in this series:



2. See the cherry blossoms at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.


Brooklyn Botanical Garden is known for its wide collection of plants. Spring is the time when cherry blossoms bloom and you should witness its splendid beauty!


3. Fleet Week.


New York City plays host to a variety of military demonstrations and exhibits during Fleet Week. If you have always wanted to go on board a real life navy ship, you might also want to chance a tour on visiting ships that dock in NYC during this week.


There are also lectures, ships parade, competitions and of course the Memorial Day celebrations.


4.Catch a baseball game at the Yankee Stadium.


One of the many perks of visiting NYC in spring is that you could watch a live baseball game at the Yankee Stadium! Be sure to book your tickets in advance though!


Be sure to do all these and more when you visit the Big Apple in spring. Another thing you should do: rent a sprinter van rental in NYC to make getting around the city a whole lot easier!



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