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When you need to travel with a group, charter buses are the reliable, economical and safe option. Custom Coach and Limo offers bus charters for weddings, proms, homecoming, corporate events, and tours. No matter what the occasion and purpose, you can rely on us.


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Here is a quick summary of how much you could expect to pay with Custom Coach and Limo:


  Mini bus Mid-sized bus Entertainer Bus Coach Bus Executive Bus Sprinter Van School bus
Max. Seating 23, 24, 27, 28 29, 31, 36 10, 12, 16 54, 55, 56, 57 24, 28,31, 37 10, 11, 16 44, 66
A/C Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Some
PA system Yes Yes Some Yes Some Some Some
TV/DVD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Toilet Some Some Yes Yes No No No
Long trips OK Some Some Yes Yes Some Some No
Rate per day $950.00 $1,040.00 Customized $1,600.00 $1,320.00 $740.00 $700.00
Hourly rate $80.00 $85.00 Customized $125.00 $110.00 $70.00 $60.00
Lowest rate per person $14.05 $11.56 Customized $8.75 $12.78 $14.51 $5.00


Note: Average prices are based on New York City rates. Download our pricing infographic.


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What are the prices you would expect to pay for bus rentals? First off, different sized buses are priced differently. Bus rental rates also differ depending on the location, the availability or demand, and the vehicle itself. The buses we have on our fleet and a general view of their features and prices follows:


Charter bus


A charter bus can easily accommodate up to 60 people. These buses have air conditioning, onboard toilets, Wi-Fi connections, audio-visual equipment and reading lights. Typical rates for a charter bus would range anywhere from $625 to more than $1,200 for the first four to six hours. If you need a bus for more than the minimum six hours, you could expect to add $130 to $180 per hour.


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A minibus can easily accommodate anywhere from 22 to 28 people. It is ideal for short trips, or local tours for such a group. On the average, the price range to rent a mini bus would be $450-$850 for the first four to six hours. Additional hourly rates for hours exceeding the minimum would range from $90 to $110.


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School bus


A school bus is the most economical way to shuttle a small group of people over short distances. A school bus may not have air conditioning and other amenities you find on a mini bus or a coach bus, but it does allow you to travel with a tight budget. A school bus can comfortably accommodate 40 to 60 people and you can rent one for $400 to $800 for the minimum four to six hours. Additional hours are charged a very reasonable $70 to $90 for every extra hour.


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Sprinter van


A sprinter van is the best way to transport small groups of up to 10 people. If you need to shuttle your group from one place to another, then get a sprinter van rental for less than the price you would pay for two or three taxicabs. If you are using a sprinter van for a tour, you can expect to pay between $390 to $540 for the first four to six hours, and then a range of $80 - $100 for every hour afterwards.


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Entertainer bus


An entertainer bus is the best transportation option for those who are traveling over long distances. Families going on a long vacation, or bands going on a multi-city tour, are the best customers for entertainer buses. It feels like riding on a hotel room on wheels. You get an onboard toilet, shower, air conditioning, entertainment devices, a kitchenette, and other luxuries on board!


How much would it cost to rent a bus?


Several factors affect the price of a bus charter. Is there a vehicle available? How far are you travelling? How long would your travel take? How many people are in your group?


Custom Coach and Limo works to help give you the best rates possible according to your travel plans and itinerary. At best, we try to keep the rates as low as possible. For instance, you could spend as low as $8.75 per passenger when you rent a coach bus from us!


How much would you pay to rent a bus for local area travel?


Local area travel means that you and your group are traveling within a certain metropolitan area, within 50 miles in radius. In most cases, local travel is charged by the hour. Bus companies usually require a minimum number of hours (from four to six hours). Additional hours are levied an hourly rate as well.


Rental fees would also include garage time, or the cost associated with the bus going to the pickup point. To illustrate this point, imagine that you hired a 56-passenger charter bus at $130 an hour. An 8-hour trip would be charged $1,170, which would account for the $1,040 for the hourly rate and the $130 for the garage time. Partial hours are also billed as one full hour.


If you think that spending close to $1,200 for a bus is too expensive, then you should compare that cost with taking a cab. Average taxi fare in cities in the United States costs $45 per hour per passenger. Add to that the tips that you give the driver, and having to arrange taxis for 55 people.


In contrast, getting a charter bus means you only spend $2.32 per hour per passenger!


Further, if you have a smaller group traveling over shorter distances, you might want to consider getting either a mini bus or a school bus. This will help keep the cost down.


Long-distance travel


Shuttling a large group from one state to another, you will be awed by the savings, convenience and comfort that you get from chartering a bus. Instead of being charged by the hour, bus companies charge by the mile for long distance travel!


Bus companies include deadhead mileage to the rental fees. When you charter a bus for a one-way long-distance trip, the bus would need to go back to the garage without any passengers. The empty bus is incurring cost, but with no passengers, it will not earn money for the company. The deadhead mileage charge would help recoup this loss. Bus companies typically charge deadhead rates at a dollar lower compared to the per mile rate. So for instance, the per-mile rate is $4.00, the deadhead would be $3.00.


Getting a 56-passenger coach bus, you would typically pay $3.50 to $4.50 per mile. Say that you are traveling 500 miles at $4.00 per mile; the bus company will charge you $2,000 plus the deadhead rate of $1,500. For your trip, you will spend only $3,500, or $62.50 per passenger.


At $62.50, that is much more affordable than a plane ticket!


What should you also consider when you rent a bus?


There are a few differences between renting a bus and booking airline tickets or a rental car. Remember that:


  • Bus charter companies do not usually raise rates as your travel dates approach. Airline companies do.
  • When chartering a bus, you will be asked for a deposit, or you will be asked to make full payment depending on how close you are to your travel dates when you reserve.
  • For passenger safety and compliance with the law, drivers are not allowed to drive more than 10 hours or more than 600 miles per day. Expect to spend more for driver changes if you rent a bus exceeding these limits.
  • Charter buses are rated safer than both airplanes and cars. Renting a bus with a professional driver is 50 times safer than driving your own car when going on long trips. It is also twice as safe as getting on a plane.




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