A mini bus rental in New York City is just about right for a party all around town!

Check out Custom Coach and Limo's mini bus rental - New York City service and get and see the outstanding mini buses and service we have in store for you.

Our mini bus rental in New York City can easily accommodate 27 passengers for a fun time on wheels.

Mini Bus Rental New York City Means Party All Night around the Big Apple!

Nobody likes to go to a party worrying about getting drunk or how to get home . With our mini bus rental - New York City service, you get safety, comfort and convenience all rolled into one night of fun.

Visit all the fun sites, famous landmarks and notable places in New York City without the hassles and still have a fun party on board. You provide us the itinerary and we take care of everything else!

A Hen's Night or Bachelor Party on a Mini Bus rental in New York City

Is one of your friends getting married? Then be unique by getting a mini bus to be the venue of this once in a lifetime event. Keep your friends all together and make sure that everybody is safe while you literally party down the streets of NYC!

Rave Parties Are a Lot Simpler on a Mini Bus Rental in New York City

During holidays such as New Year's Eve and other similar special days, NYC is simply jumping with activity that it is very difficult to choose which one to attend to.

Why not get yourself and your friends together and attend all the coolest parties on that night with a bus rental?

You could go across the city or around it with no hassles when you book a charter bus. Get drinks at JBird, sweat it out at Le Baron , or get your kicks at Dream Downtown.

Getting to Concerts on a Mini Bus Rental - New York City

Get everyone pumped and revved up even before they get to the concert venue by getting a bus to take you and all of your friends to that big concert.

You can have fun before, during and after the concert by playing more music on the mini bus!

Birthday Parties Are Simply More Fun on a Charter Bus!

Who says that you have to spend your birthday stuck in stuffy bar? Who would want to knowing that with our mini bus Rental - New York City birthday packages, you could have a constant change of view outside the bus windows!

And for those planning a surprise birthday party for a friend, a bus rental is a guarantee that your friend would indeed be surprised. No more whispering in the dark trying to capture the right moment to yell "surprise." You could pick up the birthday girl or birthday boy at work and have him or her board the bus for a real surprise party!

Mini Bus Rental New York City: Beauty and Convenience Inside and Out

Take a look at our buses and you would agree that you would become the envy of anyone seeing you on the bus! What's more, we have chosen to have our mini bus rental in New York City customized for utmost convenience, comfort and luxurious.

Our mini buses have a wide aisle for you and your party to walk and move around to having comfy seats.