Contrary to what most people think a school bus service is not only for students. Our School Bus Rental NJ program provides school buses for your own needs. Whether you need to transport a group of rowdy children, or an all-adults group, you can still consider getting a school bus for your travel needs.

Here are the reasons why a school bus rental in New Jersey makes sense.

School Bus Rental NJ: Built for Children, Built for Safety

Our buses are fitted with all the safety features that are required of a school bus. School buses are regulated by the state and have a more stringent set of rules to ensure more safety for children.

Some safety features of our school bus rental in New Jersey include:

  • Single halogen headlights
  • Three point seat belt for the driver.
  • Entrance door that opens outward and sealed with tempered safety glass
  • Safety view vision panel
  • Crossview mirrors and convex and flat rearview mirrors
  • Electric horn

What's more, a school bus rental in NJ is also very durable. This would help ensure that you and your group would have less chances of damaging the bus and be liable for it. Unlike a charter bus, a school bus rental in NJ is much more childproof.

School Bus Rental NJ: The Right Service for the Right Price

School bus rentals should not sacrifice safety for affordability. However, this does not mean that a school bus rental in NJ should milk your pocket dry. A school bus rental in NJ is one of the most affordable ways to travel and it is not just for students. If you and your group need some sort of transportation but have a limited budget, a school bus might just be the perfect choice for you.

School Bus Rental NJ: Capacity, Comfort and Convenience

While a school bus rental in NJ holds the same number of people as a charter bus, you can seat more if you are transporting children. This would be a good alternative if you need to transport a large group of kids.

However, what makes our school buses even more comfortable is the high headroom. You can stand and check on the kids as often as necessary. It also has tempered windows and a 90,000 Btu front defroster and heater.

If you are looking for a way to transport a group of 48 to 77 people safely, comfortably and conveniently without fear of breaking the bank, then call us and inquire about our School Bus Rental NJ service. We offer the best school buses for your needs.

Call us at 866-952-8737 or email us: info@usbusrentals.com