If you are planning or organizing an activity for school or you are looking to transport a group of children, then be sure to contact USBusRentals.com for our School Bus Rental NYC service.

School Bus Rental NYC: Perfect for Field Trips

Our school buses are regularly maintained. USBusRentals.com has been in the business for more than five years now and we operate a full service transportation rental service company. That means that we have all the transportation solution that you need and we can operate with scale. As such, all of our buses are in perfect running condition and this makes it perfect for just about any occasion and purpose. What's more, you are partnering with a company that has provided transportation solutions for a lot of groups, so you are backed with experience and professionalism! Further, we have transported thousands of students already, and we made sure that they have arrived safely and on time.

Our School Bus Rental NYC is just perfect for field trips. We take your group to any destination you want: class trips, museums, sporting events. We take care of the driving, the bus and everything else. All you need to do is have fun.

School Bus Rental NYC: Safety Concerns

The yellow paint and black trim makes a school bus highly visible even at night. What's more, you can be sure that the bus you get are outfitted with all the necessary safety features and equipment. This will give you additional safety precautions in transporting children, even when loading and unloading.

School buses are strictly regulated by the Department of Transportation of the State of New York, and are inspected regularly to make sure that it complies with the state's safety standards.

As with our motto with all of our buses, safety definitely comes first!

School Bus Rental NYC: Cost Concerns

Our school buses are not only extra safe, but they are more cost efficient. Our school bus rental in New York City comes with the lowest rates from among our charter bus rentals and other vehicle rentals. You can be sure that you are given the lowest rates with USBusRentals.com!

Call us at 866-952-8737 or email us: info@usbusrentals.com