When you are traveling for the long haul, the last thing you would want is to have to scrunch up in your seat or to fight for elbow space with your seatmate. Therefore, you should definitely check out the vans we have in our sprinter van rental NYC service!

There are enough seating space inside a Sprinter Van rental in NY to comfortably seat nine to twelve passengers.

Entertainment on a Sprinter Van Rental NY

Why be bored when you can watch movies or listen to music while you ride on our Sprinter Van Rental in NY? You can even have a game console on board and play video games with each other.

Fuel Economy on a Sprinter Van NYC

However, the best thing about a Sprinter Van Rental in NYC is that you can save on fuel. Unlike other vans of its size, you can go to as long as 22 miles on every gallon of fuel you load up. That's 9 miles more than a Ford Passenger van!

Cargoes? No Problem with a Sprinter Van Rental in NYC!

If you have a lot of things to take with you, then you definitely should get a Sprinter Van Rental in NYC. Not only is it very spacious for passengers, it can also hold around 165 cubic feet of cargo!

CUSTOM COACH AND LIMO provides the best sprinter van rental in New York City, New York State, New Jersey and other nearby areas!

What's more, we offer different add-ons to make your travel and driving experience even more awesome. You can choose to have cruise controls, power locks, power mirrors and power windows. You can even have power outlets on board, making it easier for you to plug in a laptop for some work done on the road, or recharge your iPad and mobile phones.

With a Sprinter Van rental in NYC, you are assured of a luxurious, comfortable and fun time traveling. Spacious to the point of being indulgent, you should not look at any other van or vehicle for your small group if you are traveling over a long distance.

Lastly, not all charter companies carry Sprinter Vans and Custom Coach and Limo is only one of the very few that offer a sprinter van rental in New York City, New York State and surrounding areas!

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